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This tutorial describe how to validate an email address using regex in visual basic NETVisual Basic Tutorials Visual Basic Tutorials Allow Numbers only in a Text Box - Visual Basic .

In the real world, you build an application that stores customers email address in your database. Text) = True Then Msg Box("Email is Valid") 'proceed and save email Else Msg Box("Email is not Valid") End If End Sub Update Records in Access (2007) Table - Visual Basic .

When the mask is blank, you can accept input just like you can with a Text Box.

I just discovered that the Masked Text Box control allows you to set the type of data which should be entered in the control and helps you do the validation of that data when necessary.

Full sample proejcts are included in this installer.

For example, the number sign (#) is often used as a placeholder for a numeric character input.

The Hide Prompt On Leave property determines if the user sees the prompt characters when the control loses input focus.

As the user types input into the masked text box, valid input characters replace their respective prompt characters in a sequential fashion.

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