Updating pirated final cut x

I didn’t care about any of the cute little enhancements (and spare me the dedicated Siri button on the latest Mac Book Pro).

Other colleagues assured me that 10.11.6 (the last version of El Capitan) was safe so I went to look for the download. And after 3 calls to Apple and escalation to the next level of tech support, I found out that once Apple releases an OS update (in this case Sierra 10.12), earlier versions are no longer available.

Notable examples of such software include versions of i Work, i Life, or Aperture obtained on a DVD disc, or trial versions of such apps (the defunct trial pages for i Work and Aperture still exist on Apple.com).

Indeed, according to reports from , and others, users with trial or illegal versions of the software are finding that they are able to update to the recently-released new versions of each of these Apps (released alongside Apple’s event this Tuesday).

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After waiting several hours to no avail, I further found that the standalone Aperture 3.5 update was also not available through Apple’s support download site.

Instead of looking for a way to get free Final Cut Pro, try to use the following Final Cut Pro alternative.

Though Filmora Video Editor performs like a professional video editing tool that allows users to edit a video basically and apply fantastic effects, it is very easy to use.

I was hoping to offer our readers a quick review, one coming from someone who did not have access to beta software and Apple’s PR scripts for a review before the first user could even finish the download. FCP X 10.3 requires Apple’s El Capitan 10.11.4 or greater OS.

I kept both of my working Macs, a 4-year old Mac Book Pro and a Mac Pro 2013 at OS X 10.10.5 because everything worked.

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