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I’m Gaëlla van Walraven, 21 years old, and I’m a volunteer with this beautiful organisation.I’m responsible for the facebook account of Future For Nature.Saba Douglas-Hamilton is a conservationist, film-maker, and presenter of wildlife television programmes.After growing up in the African bush, she joined her father’s conservation charity, Save the Elephants, and manages the family’s eco-lodge, Elephant Watch Camp, in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya I’ve had the great fortune of growing up among many different cultures.Conservationist Saba Douglas-Hamilton stars in a new TV series that highlights her life in a safari camp and the issues that have been central to her family’s work for decades.She caught up with Laura Griffith-Jones What was your childhood like? Our first language was Kiswahili and we spent a lot of time bumping around in the back of a Land Rover while our parents observed elephants. Everything here feels more real: one lives much closer to the harder truths of life, so the better side of human nature comes out. There’s been a lot of bad press recently, what with fears about Ebola and terrorist attacks, but the wildlife areas are miles from the Somali border. Similarly, we are a long, long way from countries affected by Ebola. You’re more likely to be involved in a terrorist attack or to contract the disease in London.

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We organise discussions, documentary evenings, photo competitions and lectures with major players in nature conservation.

There, she was awarded a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology with a thesis on ‘Concepts of Love and Sexuality amongst the Bajuni People of Kiwaiyu Island, Kenya’.

On her return to Africa from her studies in the UK, Saba worked for the Save the Rhino Trust in Namibia where she was mentored by conservationist Blythe Loutit.

For three years, she attended an all-girls boarding school in Britain which she later described as being ‘like a prison’.

After studying for the International Baccalaureate at the United World College of the Atlantic in South Wales, she gained a place at St Andrews University in Scotland.

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