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It is a smoggy day, and his car exhaust backs up in his car and he passes out! When he awakes he discovers a time warp has transported him from 1971 to 2017!

Due to pollution, Los Angeles survivors live underground, as do other cities’ survivors. Cool little nightmare flick that probably could happen one day a couple of hundred years or more from now, at which point if it does, who cares?

News & World Report recently released its list of the best countries for dating, according to millennials.

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If you like free communication with real women , erotic massage, dynamic sex, if you need a good service ... Have a good day :) MF: no problem lol :) free tomorrow or thursday…She was waiting for me when I walked into the coffee shop.Girl lets a guy ram her on the first date, then gets ghosted by him, then asks "what is it about me that makes all these guys act so douchey towards me". I found Nicole on OKCupid about a month after I got back from Japan.

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