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The only places where eligible men vastly outnumber women are at rural outposts and work camps, they say, and C.A., for one, isn't about to take to the Alaska backwoods in search of the perfect man.Your Profile Photo This is your chance to be in the spotlight!If rumors are to be believed, Alaska is paradise for single women in search of a date."Everybody tells me that theirs is the worst town in the world," says Mr. and her companions say it often feels as if the male-to-female ratio in Anchorage is more like 1 to 10 than the legendary 10-to-1 figure. According to state demographer Greg Williams, Alaska's population is only about 52 percent male, a rate only slightly higher than in other states. Williams has a ready answer: The statistics reflect Alaska's high number of military bases and personnel and a relative scarcity of elderly residents.Gosse, chairman of American Singles, an organization based in San Rafael, Calif. Asked why this ratio should be considered a beacon for single women across America, Williams is a little less certain."You can find a good mate anywhere in the country, and I don't know that we're anything special in that regard," he says.We want to train our students in the knowledge of God, teach them a Christian worldview, and provide an excellent academic education.

Black Christian Dating For Free is the #1 Online Black Christian Community site for meeting quality Black Christian Singles in Alaska. I got my Masters degree in 2016, and now work as a Buyer for a supply chain service company in Anchorage. Welcome to the largest Alaska Catholic dating service that matches you with other Christians looking for a long term relationship.Date Christian is a free Catholic and Christian dating website and registration takes under a minute.ACS – Celebrating almost 40 years of ministry Thank you for “checking us out” through our website!The mission of Anchorage Christian Schools is to partner with the home and church to educate and train children and young people who function successfully in today’s church and world.

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