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specifically that she's not coming back this year and it was not her choice.

Each week, finalists will be partnered with a different All-Star dancer.

To compare, no other pro has won the Mirror Ball more than twice. He has claimed two Emmy Awards for Best Choreography out of nine nominations to date, and he contends again this year for the routine “Kairos.” On top of that he just ended his first season as a judge on NBC’s competition series “World of Dance.” Ballas won the Mirror Ball Trophy twice, with figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi (season six) and gymnast Shawn Johnson (season eight), but it’s been eight years since he last prevailed, and he hasn’t competed on the show at all since season 22 over a year ago, when he finished second with UFC fighter Paige Van Zant.

He looks better than ever, if that's even possible.

It's so great to have him back in this amazing form.

Currently, Boss belongs to the dance troupes "Breed OCLA" and "Chill Factor Crew."Representing: Hip Hop / Krump / Popping / Locking Appeared: Season 4 (Top 8)Memorable Routine: "Party People," a Hip Hop number choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo and performed with Mark Kanemura Comfort Fedoke attended Booker T.

Washington Performing Arts High School in Dallas, TX, where she was a featured dancer on the local dance television show, "Dallas Dance Club 21." Fedoke has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Brian Friedman, Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo, Chuck Maldonado, Miley Cyrus and Rosero, and has appeared on Glee.

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