Cassie and ryan leslie dating

She also worked for Calvin Klein, as well as featured in several magazines like GQ, Bust and much more.

Additionally, she has also put her step in the film industry in 2008, portraying the role of Sophie Donovan, she further in “Step Up: The Streets”, The Perfect Match, and Honey 3: Dare to Dance.

Casandra Elizabeth Ventura is an American dancer, actress, model, and recording artist, professionally known as Cassie Ventura.

She is a native British born in Connecticut to Filipino background father and a to Mexican mother. She attended a local high school in Connecticut, London.

La carrière de Cassie avait décollé avec Me and you mais depuis, la chanteuse sexy rame un peu. 2015 Kim Porter and Diddy News began circulating online last week that one hit wonder, Cassie, widely known online as As*ie and for the 2006 marginal music hit Me & U and has broken up with rapper/mogul, Sean Combs, who goes by the nickname Diddy. in the 1990s Then Diddy unwisely opted to parade photogenic Cassie around on his arm as a trophy, while continuing to mess around with Porter.29-year-old Cassie has been dating 45-year-old Diddy for several years, knowing of his cheating, but finally had enough when the rapper was spotted at a sex shop with former model, Kim Porter, who is the mother of three of his children. Diddy and Porter have been having sex throughout his relationship with Cassie. In doing so, Diddy has brought Porter and Cassie a significant amount of embarrassment over the past few years, making their relationships blog fodder.Diddy, like other men in the same situation, deluded himself into believing Cassie loves him when she does not and has been there the whole time for money and to leech off his fame. Writing and producing music has been good to Leslie.

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